Friday, 30 May 2014

Educating The Little People

Last night was one of those nights o where my siblings and I all just get along. It started with all my youngest sister and brother trying to make pyramids out of playing cards. We all just slowly joined in until we were all at the table trying to make the highest. Collectively, we have 5 packs of playing cards between us, I think, so it was more that enough for everyone.

After we got bored of that we played more card games like our own adaptation of Uno and then Guess Who? where we all chose something for someone else to be and we all had to guess who we were. Since my little siblings have no idea what games there are outside of the iPad and Xbox, the older ones had to teach them. It was a sad moment. We played Guess Who? using post-it notes as well.

When we were all bored of that, we played charades. We had to explain this too. They're really deprived of imagination; they found it way more difficult to act things out and didn't early know what to do. I got to choose what everyone else was going to act out and I kept score too. This went on until 1am. The little ones still weren't tired but I was so I went to bed... We did end it in fits of laughter which was a pretty awesome way to end.

I like spending time with my siblings when we're all in a nice mood. It's better than the times when we're all shouting at each other.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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