Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It Works

Okay so my mum is obsessed with this thing from America called "It Works." She's a distributor for them now and, apparently, so am I. We both have our own sites to sell the stuff and I would appreciate it if you guys take a look.

Here's a brief yet detailed (enough) description of what this is:

"It Works" is an American business that sells these products to help you lose fat and tone up. They're main sell and most promoted product is their weight loss wraps. You put them on wherever you want to lose weight on your body and in about an hour or so the wraps do their thing. Personally, I don't use them. I am not comfortable with the idea that I can lose weight that easily. They're like an easy way out of the hard work and I know some people would rather do that. I am more comfortable with doing it the hard way and working it off.

These wraps are also pretty ideal if you're just a few inches too big for a dress you have or if you need to tone up just that little bit more before prom or another event like a wedding. Everyone wants to look their best, right? I think this would also help encourage people to be fitter and it's an awesome idea altogether.

Anyway, they also sell other products. The only one that I use is their facial cleanser. I have extremely sensitive skin and I don't think anything else has managed to work well with my face as great as this. I haven't has spots or rashes since I started using it and I like it. The tube is also pretty big so it lasts a long time and you only have to use a pea-sized amount; it's more than enough to cover your face and neck. They also have toners and stretch mark treatments. I can't speak for all of the products, though. The name "It Works" is enough reassurance for me to know that they do work.

One big thing about their products is that they're quite expensive and they're not available in every country. If you want to use their products then you're going to have to make a dent in your wallet.

The products do work, though, and they've given mum a confidence boost now that she's lost weight. They've also helped me with my skin problems...

I'm not forcing anyone into this, by the way. If you want to look at their products then click here or on the link at the top of this site that says "It Works" to get to my distributor site. If you don't want to then don't. I'm just doing this to help my mum.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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