Sunday, 18 May 2014

Over A Year Already?

I started this blog 13 months ago. That's a long time. In that time I managed to get just under 8,500 views which I am pretty proud of. I also made some friends and followers because of this.

I've used this little space I have on the internet to share my interests, rant, have a one-sided conversation with a reader and just talk about my life and how it's going. It's hard sometimes to talk to people that I know about the little things that get to me and I actually find it better to share with someone I don't know. I don't get as embarrassed and even if this is available to anyone with an internet connection, this space is not popular. It's not like everything I saw will have an effect on a person. If I can make someone smile somewhere out there then it's enough for me. I'm not the most hilarious or interesting person in the world but I do try.

This is probably one of the few things in my life that have kept my interest and kept me going. When I'm angry or annoyed, I can just release it all on here. My anger dies out and I feel much better. I've tried to have some structure in this but all my readers know I'm an erratic blogger. I can go from a post everyday for a week to a post every two weeks or so... I've been more regular with this over the last few months though. Kind of.

Anyway, I like my little space. Not many of my friends know about this and I like it that way. Hopefully I can keep this up for another year. It'll be the end of my life at secondary school and, if I'm lucky, I'll be off to university!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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