Monday, 19 May 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Anklets

This is probably my favourite summer trend. Since the weather is hotter, I can go out with my legs on show (they're not the most attractive pair but I have to live with them) and that also means I can decorate my ankle with an anklet.

My dad gets to travel around the world because of his job and he brings back things for everyone. I usually get a tshirt or keyring with the country or city name on it or an anklet!

These are 4 of the anklets that I have. I have a few more that I don't really wear but they're in my room somewhere.

The first one is from Australia and it has a small sharktooth on it! Awesome, right? It's pretty nice and I like the tribal look it has. It can also be worn with anything but I have to take it off when I sleep. I made the mistake of keeping it on once and the tooth stabbed my leg...

The second one is either from South Africa or America. I'm not sure but it's the one that's currently on my ankle at the moment. 

The third one is from Scotland. I took a really bad photo, I know. It's made of fake purple gems (it's kind of visible). The one in the middle is a silver ball with little purple studs embedded into it. It's really heavy and you always know it's there. With the other anklets, you sometimes forget.

The last one is from Cape Town in South Africa. The middle piece is a metal oval with the map of Cape Town pressed into it. It looks pretty awesome but sometimes it loosens because the leather strap doesn't really hold the shape of a curve well. I only wear it if I really want to.

Pinterest Time!

Here are some pictures that are 200 times better than the one I took. 

Turquoise Sea life Multi Wrap Crochet, Leather Bracelet, Anklet, Necklace "Beach Chic" $40.00
Perfect for the beach

Super Sweet Anklet,  Heart Anklet,  Gold Heart Anklet. Want it
Elegant and simple

BAREFOOT BOHEMIAN WEDDING barefoot sandals slave Anklets crochet Sandals sole less shoes crochet anklets antique flowers. $74.00, via Etsy.
Bohemian anklet with toe ring

beachy feet
Mix and Match

Anklets are awesome because they go with anything. They're the perfect body accessory for the summer. We all want our skin out under the sun but we don't want to look boring and simple. The gold ones are awesome for any time of the year but I think I'll stick to my summery ones for now.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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