Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Summer Hair Dos

My hair hasn't really grown in the last three months so I guess I'm stuck with a shoulder length bob for the summer. I do like having my hair up, though, and it's just about long enough for it. I think summer up-dos are really nice and there's so many variations. Summer gives us the chance to experiment and find the "do" for us. Having your hair up also makes your body and facial structure more obvious so you need to make sure that you have the right one.

Cute easy bun

Top knots are really nice, especially when you have really long hair. This style just lets you tuck it all away and you're left with this cute little ball of hair at the top of your head. There's so many ways to do it as well and all you need is a hairband and a few hairpins.

Small French Braid on the side, braid all the way down, secure with a clear elastic. Then tease the crown and put into ponytail. Wrap the remaining braid around hair tie.

The Freckled Fox : Summers End Hair Week: The Waterfall Ponytail

I like my ponytails. They're so easy and they seriously do go understated. There's so much you can do if you put the time and effort into one. Messy ponytails can easily be achieved in the morning by not brushing your hair when you wake up. Bedhead, I found out, is the best way to get a more volumised and messy ponytail that looks nice.

I want plain , boring hair that I do not have to  'style ' and that can be easily put up, curled , or plaited

Please start doing this hair!

Easily achievable by braiding your hair in one big braid and sleeping on it. Scrunching and using salt spray is another way to go about it. Beach hair is a very natural look even though it isn't. I really like the style but it's not ideal for everyone since not everyone suits kinky/wavy hair.

Don't forget that the sun also lightens your hair when you're under it for a long time. Having your hair a certain way means that all of the hair exposed will lighten. By wearing your hair down, your whole head will be affected but if you have it up, you're more susceptible to ending up with highlights. It happens to me every year.

Summer is really the time to flaunt and play around with the hair on your head. During the colder months, we all get our hats and hide under them.

With the weather being very erratic right now, I suggest that you take all the sunshine that we have and use it. Especially if you're in the UK...

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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