Monday, 2 June 2014

A Day In The Life Of Me: 4 Hours Of Sleep

I haven't slept properly for the last few weeks because of study leave and it has really screwed me over. I went to bed last night at about 4am and I was tired since 10pm. Why it took me 6 hours to sleep, I don't know. All I know is that I am VERY sleep deprived right now. I'm actually glad that I am home already because I can just sit here and listen to music. I am really tired but I just can't sleep...

I got a new timetable for this half term and I really don't like it. I am able to go home early on Mondays, though, which is pretty good but all of my free periods are during times that I don't approve of. Before, they were all in the morning which gave me time to get some rest and properly wake up. I went to lessons with a false sense of being awake. It's a nice feeling. Now they're in the afternoon and I don't know what to do with that time. It'll probably be homework so that means I can't sleep.

*Don't sleep in school, kids.

The weather was also strangely beautiful today. I expected rain; that's what the weather forecast said! I wore warm clothes and I just sweated (is that a word?) all day.

I haven't really felt great lately so this doesn't help me. I don't really want to continue with the subject of school so I'm going to move on...

I don't have enough money to get fabrics and patterns but I do have friends. I asked one of them if I could have some of their old shirts to alter and mess around with. I really should have done this sooner. I'll definitely post what I end up doing once I have things with me. 

I've kind of moved away from all the fashion and clothing things that I did do on here and I just want to bring it back. I do have Trendy Tuesdays which just help me to make sure that there is something like that on here. But, I want just a bit more of it on here so, hopefully, I can do that soon.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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