Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Day Out: BCU Open Day

I went to Birmingham City University today! It's one of the universities that I'm definitely thinking of applying to this year; the other one is Winchester School of Art in Southampton University. I went with my friend and my dad. 

When we got there, I registered and got a bag of leaflets and stuff from the university. We also got drinks vouchers for a free drink during the day. I spent mine on a coffee, of course. I had two cups of coffee for the day and that was it. All of the student ambassadors there also had cups of coffee with them so I think I'll fit in well.

All of the Art and Design courses like Fashion Design (the course I'm applying to), Architecture and 3D Design are in a building called the Parkside Building. There's a bridge that connects it to the main building called Millennium Point where all the engineering courses happen. They were also having their own open day today so a lot of guys were there... a LOT of guys.

I dragged my dad and my friend to the Fashion Design Talk And Tour for an hour and a half. It was pretty good and I'm pretty sure that my dad was just that little bit more interested than I was. He went around looking at everything and even watched the fashion show on one of the screens for a little bit.

The garments that were on display were amazing and the portfolios were so neat. I am not a neat person. My sketchbooks are so messy and unorganised so I'm going to have to fix that when I put together a portfolio. I'm still not completely sure what should be in it but I sort of have a good idea now. My art teacher is helping me put something together and my textiles teacher is also there to help. 

I just loved the look and the size of the building. It is massive and the workshops are one of the best I've seen. The stairs are in the middle of the Parkside building and the classes and workshops are around them. It's so easy to get around that way.

I took a picture with the mascot!
Outside of the university campus there were little events and stalls as well. They had sports stalls and demos across the front of the campus. My dad played with a little robot the engineering students made. I ventured around the stalls with my friend. The student ambassadors were REALLY peppy, though. It was a bit scary. You can't see the stress on them. But, then again, they were all fuelled by a lot of coffee. There was also free popcorn there so we all had some.

The last thing we did was go on a tour of the accommodation surrounding the campus. They were only about five minutes away. They were really nice and the fact that they're all with en-suite bathrooms just makes it that little bit better. I hate sharing with strangers. The Bullring (shopping centre) is also pretty close by. It's close enough to cycle or walk to. The university has its own cinema as well!

My feet hurt from all of the walking but it was a good day. It rained for a little bit when we went outside but that didn't last long. I was in my heels as well which didn't really help.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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