Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Day Out: Leeds University Open Day

I went to Leeds University yesterday! I kind of went on a whim. I was supposed to go to the Winchester School of Art yesterday which is down south whereas Leeds is up north. Then, something came up and I wasn't able to go anymore. I decided to tag along with one of my friends who already booked a place at Leeds. I literally booked a place around 11pm the night before to see their Fashion Design course and their facilities.

There was a pond with ducks next to one of the buildings as well as a Costa

When we got there, we went to an information fair for a little bit before I went off on my own. My friend was interested in the History course so whilst she was off doing that, I went to a UCAS Top Tips talk. When I got to the building, it had two auditoriums inside that were right next to each other. One had the talk and the other had a taster lecture for people who wanted to do Medicine. I went accident...oops. I did realise that I was in the wrong place before it started so I got out and went to the other one, acting like nothing happened. 

After that, I went to the Fashion Design Talk. There weren't that many people there and the lecture room was about a quarter of the size of the ones at Birmingham. Their intake per year is also only 40 people a year whereas Birmingham City takes 120. You also have exams. I hate exams.

We met up again and had lunch at 3pm and I woke up at 6am. I didn't have anything to eat between those times other than 4 Belvita breakfast biscuits. I got really light headed so I really do recommend making sure you have a drink with you at all times during open days. The amount of walking we did yesterday was ridiculous.

The accomodation at the uni was also on campus as well as off campus. I preferred the one we saw - Central Villiage - that was off campus. The rooms were really big and they were all a different colour, including purple. And you also had the choice of living in a flat or in a studio room by yourself with your own kitchen and TV. Personally, I'd rather have that. I like having my own space and the rooms weren't huge like they were at some of the other accomodations. Those rooms felt really empty and I didn't like that. It doesn't mean that I'll be anti-social, I will talk to people in the common room and I'm definitely not going to isolate myself from everyone. I also prefer living in modern accomodations; houses and flats that are from the Victorian era scare me - I feel haunted whenever I'm in them. Central Villiage also had a Tesco Express at the bottom of one of the flats which was a bonus.

I think the place above is called Millenium Square but I'm not entirely sure. There were people gathering here to watch the World Cup on a big screen. After we had a look at the university, we went here and stopped by at a cafe for some snacks. My friend and her mum had tea and food but I wasn't hungry so I just had a single shot macchiato to wake me up a little bit. It didn't work. My friend and I fell asleep for the majority of the car ride back. We stopped for a little bit on the way home at a Welcome Break, I think, and I had an agonizing headache by then. I saw myself in the toilet mirrors and my eyes were so bloodshot. I looked really stoned, drunk and dying. People did look at me funny. I only realised that after I saw myself, though. I bought a bottle of water for the rest of the journey and my friend's mum was really nice and took me all the way home instead of dropping me off at a bus station like I suggested.

I had some Paracetamol and then collapsed on my bed when I got home.

Leeds university was a great place. The uni was like a small villiage. They had everything except a clothing shop.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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