Friday, 6 June 2014

H&M Casual Summer Shoes

My old canvas shoes from Primark ripped and broke apart (no surprises there). They lasted me a long time, though, which is pretty good for a pair worth £7. I did wear them quite a lot and I guess their time had to come sooner or later. They haven't outlasted any of my other shoes at all... 

I went to the shopping centre before my exam today and bought a new pair! Initially, I was going to buy another black pair but I couldn't find one that I liked. When I went to H&M, I saw the grey pair that I bought below. They look really durable and perfect for the summer. They had white laces on them which looked okay but then I saw the purple laces by the counter and I just went "I am having those!" I am an impulse buyer. It's part of the reason why I never have money for a long time; I asked my mum for money to buy these. It was fine because I did need a new pair - I didn't buy them just because I felt like it.

They are about an inch, maybe an inch and a half, off the ground. I prefer them with the purple laces and the grey is actually a really nice colour. The laces add a girly touch and they were only £2.99. The shoes were £14.99 which isn't too bad. They're worth that price.

They look really big and chunky in the photos but they're really not. I'm only a size 7.

I also went to this new bubble tea place and the iced coffee I had was so nice. Everyone has mixed reactions to the place and the drink in general; it's literally not everyone's cup of tea.

Also, my It Works site is still up if anyone wants to buy any health and body products for toning up and clearing up. Click here. Be warned: the prices aren't cheap but the products are a really high quality.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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