Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pinterest, Open Days and Sweat

That is my life now.

I've started all of my Year 13 courses now and it's already so much. I've already had to stay after school to do things and I barely ever did that last year...

In my Art and Product Design classes, we're encouraged to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration. Considering that I'm a Pinterest addict, I see this as a good thing. I have so many boards on there just filled with things that say "Yes, this is Pauline's account." I get so distracted when I'm on there, though, so I have to bring myself back to being focused from time to time. So many things distract me now (mainly the sun fiery rage) so my focus is at an all time low.

There are so many things happening this term at school that it's difficult to keep up. There are so many things written on my cat calendar and I haven't even booked half of them yet so I'm not completely sure on what I actually am doing or not. Since I'm applying for university this year, I have to book open days to places that I want to go to. So far I've registered to go to Birmingham City University (this Saturday) with a friend and my dad and to Bucks New University (this Monday) with some other people from school. I was planning on going to Winchester School of Art as well since that is where I actually want to go but it's next Saturday and I'm not completely sure that I can wake up early and get there in time for it. I'll probably still be asleep in bed as the day is happening.

I am excited for this Saturday, though, because it's the first open day I'm going to and I've seen the place on a virtual tour. It looks awesome. The one I'm going to is also focused on Art, Fashion and Media which means I have to dress really nicely. I know everyone else will be. I have two outfits in mind. Whatever I decide not to wear will be worn for school tomorrow.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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