Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Highlights Of My Life Last Week

I haven't done a personal post in a week. I've been so busy with work and trying to do lots of things at once that I just forget about this.

So, I don't really have anything specific to say so why don't we just reflect on the week that I've had? Yes? Good. Okay.

One of the A-Levels that I am currently taking is Product Design and we've spent most of the last few weeks either making a wooden frame for a mirror or researching products that we could make for our final project. I really want to make a wedding dress but it has to be innovative. I also had back-up ideas - a make-up organizer and a luggage bag. All in all, I've changed my design proposal about 5 times at least because the technology teachers just can't agree on what's best for me; I feel like I've caused conflicts between a really close-knit bunch of people... I've got a pretty good one going now and I've already invested time into the first part of my project so I really hope I don't have to change it AGAIN!

We all know that I am atrocious when it comes to anything other than graphics or textiles. I am terrible when it comes to Resistant Materials. Other than researching out projects, our teachers have set us the task of making a frame that looks like a splatter made of wood. Everyone has these really nice frames that are a really nice quality and are also really neat and smooth and then there's me: My frame looks terrible and the edges are so rigid and bumpy. I put in so much time into making the sides really smooth and I just couldn't. I even glued the sides wrong... One was upside down so we had to adjust the shape of my mirror from a rectangle to a square with a little tab on one side. It was bad. I also walked into a clamp that was on the dge of a table and now I have this massive bruise on my leg. It's still there and this happened on Tuesday!!!

Every Wednesday, I have rounders at the end of the day with my friends. The school makes us do exercise. It's hilarious! My friends and I can take the game way too seriously and things get really out of hand. It goes from a normal rounders game to a disaster and we all just end up dying of laughter by the end.

Yesterday I helped out with a sixth form induction day in the library. Because of these people, current sixth formers were not able to use the library at all for a few days and that annoyed me. I don't like studying anywhere else when I need a computer. I would have been okay with it otherwise. Anyway, since I did volunteering inside and outside of school, I held the stall for it. By myself. I was meant to be with a friend but they were on a trip. It was okay, though, since more of my friends were on other stalls in front of me.

Right now I'm just relaxing. Watching Dexter. Drawing. Reading a little bit too. Maybe I'll play League of Legends later. I'm terrible at it but it kills time. I've done all the work I want to this week.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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