Monday, 30 June 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Going Grey

In England, it's barely ever sunny. We relish the days when the sun is out and then when it's all grey and cloudy, we all become grey and irritated as well. It makes sense that the actual colour "grey" (or "gray" for the American people) became an actual colour trend. I also think that a certain erotica had something to do with it as well...

Anyway, the colour grey is dull and, honestly, not appealing. Yet, it made it into the world of fashion as a significant colour. And not only did it make it into fashion, it also made it into the world of interior design. That's right. People have grey rooms in their homes.

An interior painted in Farrow & Ball Chemise
The Guardian
Grey and white make wonderful companions in a modern open plan space. Add a little texture and pattern, soft lighting and some carefully chosen accessories, then sit back and relax . . . .
I have quite a lot of black and white clothing already so it only makes sense for me to have a few grey pieces as well, including a lovely pyjama top that I'm currently wearing right now.

Grey trend.

I don't hate the grey trend. I wear quite a lot of shades of grey (Is this a pun?) myself. My favourite grey piece is my long knitted jumper/shrug thing. I'm not completely sure what it's classified as since I've worn it as a dress as well. I'll try and get a picture of myself in it. I've worn it nearly everyday for about a week now but I'm terrible at remembering these things so don't count on it.

Coral grey outfit- Love these colors!

I'm pretty sure that the only reason why I wear grey is because, like with all of my black and white clothing, it goes with pretty much anything. It's an underrated base colour and it does go incredibly nice with pastel shades (none of which I own. I'm more of a "bold colours" girl. I love my dark purples and reds). 

Purple and grey outfit.       This would be perfecctt!!!!

The colour grey is one of those things that sort of passed everyone by without anyone knowing. It's a colour that we've just decided to accept as a fashionable colour without really realizing it. Even the guys I hang out with wear grey and they're some of the least fashionable people I know (sorry).

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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  1. Great post. Love the ending, hahaha! xx


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