Monday, 16 June 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Oversized Tops

A very popular trend for the spring and summer months, oversized tops are the way to go when the days are a bit more humid. You have space to breath and to let air in to cool you down and I find that oversized shirts also make you look smaller.

Medium spring green and white oversized shirt with sky blue stylish jeans and black leather hand bag and leopard heels

The shapelessness of oversized tops are also ideal if you're not the most confident about your body (me included). It's like wearing a gigantic pillowcase. You have a lot more freedom to move and it's useful for days when you feel like pigging out or it you're going to a buffet for lunch or dinner.

The Tucker Off-the-Shoulder Sweater. I could wear this everyday for fall! Love leggings! Love big sweaters! Love off the shoulder shirts!

A little rocker a little grunge

With oversized tops you get a very laid back look and they're my to-go to outfit for when I'm feeling lazy or if I'm just hanging out with my friends on the weekends. My hoodies are also too big for me for the exact same reason - comfort. 

Tops like this also give you the freedom to wear whatever accessories you want. You can glam it up as much or as little as you want. Anything goes with anything since the look is so relaxed. It's kind of like an undecorated cake where the accessories are the icing and sprinkles and whatever else on top.

Oversized top, skinny jeans and a big bag. Always a winner,

christmas sweater

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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  1. I love oversized shirts- especially in the winter & fall. They're perfect! Great post. xx


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