Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Day Out: V&A Design Museum

Okay, before I get on to the actual post there are two things that I want to say first:

  • 10,000 pageviews! What?
  • And I'm sorry I didn't get a Trendy Tuesday post up today. I was out and, by the time I got home earlier, I was too tired to do anything productive. I went to the V&A so I pretty much spent the day walking around.
I went to the V&A on a school trip today! It was pretty good. Our Product Design class went to get images and ideas for our projects but I was there to do that AND collect images for my art project AND for Extended Project at school AND for my university portfolio. 

So, obviously, I went to the Fashion exhibition first which was like a time line of clothing, mainly women's, throughout the ages. It started off with dresses from the Renaissance to the industrial revolution then the wars and every decade from then until now. Seeing everything on a display like that made all of the changes and the evolution of clothing really obvious and you can see where the influences and changes came from and why.

I spent more time in here than I did in the rest of the museum. I was at each display staring and reading and then staring some more before I moved on the next one. Time ran away from me and, before I knew it, I was there for a good 45 minutes or so. The actual exhibition is really tiny; it goes around the edges of a round room. The middle of the room had its own exhibition of wedding dresses. You had to pay to get it and I had no money. Even if I did, photographs were not permitted inside. There was also an exhibit on Italian Fashion but that had the same rules to it.

There was a lot in that exhibit and I liked how iconic designers like Vivienne Westwood (my idol) and Christian Dior were both recognised inside for their contributions to the fashion world. Dior's idea of "new look" clothing is what started the trend of synthetic colours being used in clothing; before that, people wore darker, natural colours that were easier to come by. Since the war was over and Britain was part of the winning side, he wanted the colours of clothing to reflect the atmosphere.

This dress wasn't actually in the exhibition - it was in a different one. I think it was part of the Asian exhibits. Yeah... Anyway, it's inspired by origami and I think it looks awesome. The skirt is made of strips of fabric instead of one big piece.

After I went to the Fashion exhibit and had lunch with my friends, we all ventured around the museum to see what else was out there. We found a room filled with glassworks so, naturally, I went to the big wall mirror.

All of the pictures at the bottom are part of a Modern Design exhibit that we went to at the end of the trip. Our whole class went there together and these are some of the things that I really liked.

This was part of a display of trends that were around (or are still around) now. The exhibit next to it had Flappy Bird on an iPhone. This was a display of nude colours and how the shoe trend came about. I did read the placard that went with the display but the reasons and explanations have escaped me right now.

The top above was made by Vivienne Westwood. She's an artist. I consider her as more than just a fashion designer and all of my friends think that I'm crazy. To be honest, she is but that's why she's so good at making innovative and weird designs.

I really like the design on these drawers. The actual thing is taller than me and I took this photo purely because it was something a bit different yet simple.

I took about 100 photos altogether - these are just some of the ones that I really liked.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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