Saturday, 19 July 2014

It's Summer!

This is my last summer holiday before uni and it feels a bit weird. Yesterday was my last school and it was a really quiet day apart from the thunder and lightning in the morning. I honestly believe that Thor is on his period. Anyway, it was extremely hot (30 degrees Celcius) so it was obvious that no one was going to do any work in their lessons. I spent my Maths lesson browsing Tickld and waiting for my coursework interview; I was the last person so I had a lot of time to do nothing.

I had free time for the next two periods of school so I went to Art to try and continue with my sculpture. The roses that I put on it yesterday was atrocious so I had to fix that. I made the layers of the roses the night before and then put them together yesterday. That bit is pretty much finished now; there's still one more rose that I have to stick onto the right side. I am planning to drop the subject but my teacher said I can come  back after the summer to finish it off. The mannequin I was using was covered in paint so it doesn't do the sculpture much justice.

In English, we had an air conditioned room which gave us a nice break from the heat outside. I seriously felt like I was going to melt or drown in my own sweat... Only half of the class was in the lesson yesterday so we didn't do much.

Last night, my fan, the coffee I drank and the mirror I made in my Product Design class (it's pink with glitter on top. There was no purple paint...) gave me some entertainment to get through the heat. I had way too much fun with it on SnapChat. If you don't have me on that thing then add me (thatpurmonster). I might talk to you. We had more thunder and lightning last night as well.

I haven't really decided on how I should fill my summer holidays. I'm still jobless and, therefore, moneyless so I'm pretty limited on what I can actually do. My friends and I are going to have some barbecues at some point but in between those I don't know what to do with my time. Probably sleep. Yeah... That sounds like a good idea.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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