Saturday, 12 July 2014

Last School Week 2014

This week is the last school week before the summer holidays! I don't like how the summer holidays are so short but then again we do get quite a lot of breaks during the school terms as well...

Anyway, this week I'm just going to try and get everything done: the first part of my Product Design coursework; my first sculpture for my Art coursework; my Maths coursework (maths shouldn't have coursework!); and I'm going to try and finish reading the "A Dance with Dragons" since I've borrowed it from a friend. I only have a little bit left to read but, because I'm so pushed for time with everything else, I haven't really had the chance to read except at midnight. I get through it a chapter or two a night and I only have about 200 pages left to read. I want to finish that so I can have the last book to read over the summer. 30-50 pages a night should be enough to get it done. I can do this!

I didn't do a Trendy Tuesday post last week since I was out that day but I should be able to get one done for this Tuesday. I don't know what it will be on... probably the monochrome trend. Most of my clothes are black and white so I might as well talk about that.

I really hope the weather is nice this week. It was sports day at school yesterday and it rained pretty much all morning. It stopped just as school began and, since it was dry the whole week, the school field was dry enough for sports day could go ahead. It was still cloudy the rest of the day but at least it wasn't pouring down with rain. I spent yesterday doing Maths coursework with some of my friends. We were all inside for the majority of the day but we were allowed to go to the field during our break and lunch. My other friends were all helping out with the events. I really wanted to help with the track events! Mainly because I wanted to see my friends in the lower years run and some of the teachers as well. Oh well... It really does suck that I wasn't able to do it.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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