Friday, 4 July 2014

Paper Roses

In my Art class, I'm currently studying dress sculptures. Right now, I'm focused on making a corset entirely out of paper. 

Since roses are such a big part of female culture - they symbolise romance and lust and are associated with women - I decided to put one on my sculpture. Right now, I'm studying Carrie Ann Schumacher (her dress sculptures are amazing! I'm not too sure on how I feel about her paintings, though) so I've decided to follow her idea of making a sculpture out of novels.

I made the rose above first just to see what it would look like since I've never made one before. I searched how to make one on YouTube. All of the tutorials were basically the same with some variations in folding and cutting. The principle was the same, though - cut out the same flower shape multiple times and take off a bit of a section on each one to make the rose 3D. 

I'm pretty proud of the actual outcome when it came to actual novel rose. I had to glue pages together so they were big enough to cut and fold. It easier to bend the edges as well.

Whilst I was making the first rose, I got a paper cut when I was creasing the edges. It hurt SO much. It goes from the top of my index finger to halfway down the left of the top joint. Paper is dangerous! I managed to get spray paint on it the next day and it still hadn't closed over by then so that was a pretty excruciating moment for me. I did a weird dance of panic when it happened since I couldn't figure out what to do next; my body was still trying to get over the pain first. It hurt that much! The bruise on my leg from walking into a table clamp last week still hasn't completely healed yet either. For an accident prone person, you'd think that I'd be able to heal quickly by now...

Anyway, I can't put the roses into my sketchbook, obviously, so the first one I made was donated to my friends. They actually took care of it whilst they had it and when they decided to return it to me I punched it flat and then ripped the petals off one by one. It was pretty sadistic now that I think about it. The novel rose is currently pinned to my home-made noticeboard. That one is too beautiful to destroy. 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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