Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Trendy Tuesday: The Monochrome Trend

Black and white. A checkerboard. A zebra. Old movies. Wherever the trend came from, I'm thankful for it. I love wearing black and white. The last Trendy Tuesday post talked about the colour "grey." This week, it's all about its parents.
The monochrome trend is not just making headway in fashion - it's impacting interiors too. www.amtico.com #flooring #monochrome #blackandwhite

SS14 Monochrome Trend

Wearing monochrome clothing makes me feel like a drawing sometimes. I wear a lot of accent colours - mainly purple or red - with monochrome clothing and it looks like I've come out of a piece of paper. I have a lot of white shirts with black writing or silhouette pictures on them and I love them. It's just gives you a really casual look.

"Monochrome" is as much of a catwalk trend as it is a high street trend. Lots of catwalks that I've seen have had monochrome somewhere. It's perfect for anytime of the year so it only makes sense that it turned into an actual fad at one point this year.

Oscar de La Renta Fall Winter 2013 Monochrome trend, Could work in other colours too.

It's not just clothing that's been affected as well. Interior design is becoming a bigger thing now and fashion trends do affect it just as much as it affect everything else. We're always trying to impress people more and more. Homes have become another way to show off and reflect yourself (and, of course, a nice background is better for a photo). Traditional looks aren't so traditional anymore. People want to be more iconic.

More monochrome interior inspiration here - http://dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com/2014/02/get-look-charlie-brown-monochrome-pad/

Google Image Result for http://housetohome.media.ipcdigital.co.uk/96%257C0000115cc%257C14e1_orh550w550_Monochrome-modern-living-room-IH.jpg

Personally, the monochrome interiors are something that I can see in my own house whenever I get a place to myself. I doubt that'll happen anytime soon, though, but when it does I will be living in design heaven. I want my own place to look like a piece of art in itself.

Karen Walker F/W 2014

I'm not really one for patterns and wild designs (if you haven't noticed already). I prefer the simpler looks. Simple and boring aren't the same thing. You can dress in patterned clothing and still not have that wow factor around you. You have to make it work. Going back to the basics (like monochrome) just shows you what people can do with so little. Two colours. That's all there is to it and the amount that you can do with it is endless.

Embroidered Tulle Fabric - Monochrome Floral

And, FYI, four of my friends and I came into school yesterday all wearing monochrome tops... I had my checkered top on, two of them had striped shirts and one had a white blouse with black polka dots.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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