Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Day Out: Tate Modern And Most Of Central London

I went to London on Thursday with two good friends of mine. We went because I had to go to the Tate Modern for my extended project research at school. I just needed two people to drag along with me.

Anyway, I took some pretty nice pictures despite having a terrible camera so I thought I'd post them here. There has been a lack of posts over the last few days and I'm sorry! My life has been filled with a lot of portfolio work and school work that I kept putting off because I just didn't want to do it. The work is still going on so I doubt that there's going to be a Trendy Tuesday post for Tuesday. I still have three days to do something and the one for last week was late so... we'll never know until then.

We did a lot of walking for three people who had full access to the underground...

That's all for now. Sorry this isn't that interesting. I just felt obligated to fill the space with something. Stay beautiful x

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