Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Lot Of Portfolio Work

I've been doing nonstop portfolio work the last few weeks so, unfortunately, I couldn't blog as much as I wanted. However, I am taking a small break today since I just don't want to do anything anymore and I need some time to do other things. I haven't had a lot of social contact lately and it's having an impact on me. It's like I'm going insane.

Filling up sketchbooks and getting pieces done requires a lot of time and effort and I'm willing to give up time to do it. It makes me really paranoid when I read portfolio requirements for universities because they all want different things and it's going to be difficult to cater for all of them. What they all want, though, is 15-20 finished pieces that I've done and, at most, I think I have four pieces that are worthy enough to display.

Year 13 starts in a week and I'm pretty ready for it. I'm going in with ABC grades at AS so, if I keep that up, I'm in a pretty good place for all of the universities I want to apply to. There are more open days ahead for me - up until the end of October - so pretty much every weekend for the next two months are filled with something. I am really excited but a bit annoyed as well since I can't hang out with people I want to. On top of that, I have a job interview next month so, if I get that, I am going to be so busy. I need the money! The Clothes Show is literally around the corner; it's in December and I haven't bought tickets yet!


That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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