Monday, 18 August 2014

A Simplicity Skirt

About two weeks ago I bought a Simplicity pattern from the local fabric store because I wanted to make a skirt and to sew as well since I haven't done so in quite a while. Initially, I was going to make a long skirt with a shark bite hem but then I saw how much fabric was needed and there was no way that I could afford it.

The one thing I like about Simplicity patterns is that they are standardized so the sizes never change for you unlike the way it does in stores; in some stores I'm a 12 and in others I'm an 18. With Simplicity, no matter what I'm making, I'm always a 20. It might seem really big but these things are made for more proportionate people - according to the sizing guide, my bust measurement should be 8 inches longer. I have small boobs. I can live with it. That doesn't matter with a skirt anyway...

It took me a while to find the perfect fabric for the skirt since I wanted something that I liked and something a bit different. I looked at online shops like Abakhan and Etsy and it wasn't until a few days later that I found Ditto. The fabrics in this place are to die for! They're a little bit more expensive than other shops but that's because the fabrics are well patterned and of a high quality. Honestly, this place is one to remember and I'm definitely going to use it if I do Fashion Design at university.

I made my skirt using cotton poplin which is a stiff, slightly waterproof fabric. It is cotton but it feels like polyester and the pattern didn't wash off when I put it in the washing machine and tumble dryer. BIG tip, guys - always prewash fabric. I bought the thread to match the fabric too. I wanted to get this right.

Making the skirt took about an hour a day for three days; one of those hours was spent entirely on stitching the zipper because I really wanted to get it right.

The end result isn't perfect but it's one of the better things I've made so far. In terms of improvements from the last skirt I made, this is a big one! The zipper doesn't lie completely flat but I don't plan on wearring this skirt without something over the whole outfit like a cardigan or a jacket. That's going to cover it anyway. The skirt is also not pefectly flat, it's about 90% flat. There are little folds here and there but they're not obvious.

It is wearable and that's what's important. I might it wear it if I go to London next week! I'm going to be visiting the Tate Modern with some friends on either Wednesday or Thursday. We're not sure yet.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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