Sunday, 31 August 2014

Back to School Outfit Tips

So I know that people in America are already at school but here in England that's not the case. I'm going back to school this Wednesday! It'll be my last year at secondary school before I'm thrown into the big wide world that is university (if I can get into one).

This is mainly targetted at sixth formers since uniform is pretty much the norm around here. Some sixth forms still have uniform as well! I wouldn't be able to live with that.

During induction days for people in the year below us, a lot of the people - namely girls - wore clothes that were way to revealing and it did not make me comfortable to think that they're only 16 since half of them looked older than me. I'm not saying that this is exclusive to them but I just think that some form of guidance needs to be given about this.

1. School isn't a catwalk show. Don't wear all of your nice clothes straight away. Have your lazy days spread out so you're not showing up at school for a whole week in a hoody because you've run out of things to wear. If outfit repeats are a big deal for you then avoid memorable clothing like tops and bottoms with distinct patterns. Keep it plain and only wear those clothes when you really want to. Plain clothing can still be interesting (e.g. oversized plain jumper, black leggings and boots).
basic skinny jeans + lilac V neck tee + black pointed ballet flats - simple but so very lovely
2. If you're planning on shopping for new clothes, don't buy stuff that will only go with one or two things in your wardrobe. You won't get your money's worth out of it. This is especially targetted at shoes.
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 Those red shoes might look pretty but if you can only wear them with one outfit then you can't really show them off, can you?

3. Modesty is the best policy. Other people don't need to see your boobs, bellybutton or boxers. Ever. Put it away. I enjoy checking people out, yes, but not when I need to study. Don't distract other people.

4. Wear shoes you can walk in. Sixth form, high school, uni - it's a big step and you want to make a good impression. You're not going to do that stumbling into people during the day. If you really want to gain some height then wear wedges and keep it below 3 inches in height.

5. If you're wearing a push up bra, people will know.

6. Some schools let students wear more jewellery than others. If you're school is lenient, it doesn't mean you can go all out and wear all of your bangles and big necklaces. Firstly, everyone will be able to hear you as you come and go around the school. Secondly, things will snag and get caught. I know. It hurts. 

7. Dear boys, if you're going to wear a belt, wear it properly. I see so many guys around with a belt on but their trousers are still pretty loose and need to be held in place. It's not a good look.
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8. Don't let your outfit define you. If you want to wear a hoody and jeans one day, heels and a skirt the day after and then a kooky shirt and shorts the day after that, do it! 
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Quick note: I haven't done a Favourite Moments post for August. I forgot. It happens. Quite a lot in my case so don't expect that tomorrow.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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  1. Lovely post. I completely agree with keeping everything tucked in... especially during school. x


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