Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Bedside Table Essentials

There are some things that I definitely need whenever I go on holiday and it's usually just enough to cover a bedside table. The table would have more space on it if I actually laid all of my stuff out correctly but, you know, I'm not neat.

Do you see what I mean?

Anyway, here are my bedside table essentials. These are just things that I want ready to take/use/wear on a moments notice. It's a holiday! I never really plan what I'm going to do during the day.

  1. Hair straighteners and heat protection for my hair both in spray and cream form. The main reason I take both of them is because they both dry on my hair at different times. The cream is also for hair that's just been washed. So is the spray but it does work just as well on dry hair. I love the L'Oreal Hot Straight cream. It is my favourite purely because it does the job well and it smells nice.
  2. Hairbrush and Deodorant. I don't need to explain this, do I?
  3. Basic make-up equipment. I never wear a full face of make-up when we go on holiday since the things we do usually involve sweating or getting dirty like going to the beach. There's no point in putting that much effort into my face if it's just going to get ruined by the end of the say.
  4. Nail Polish/Remover/Cotton pads. Bringing two or three bottles is a good idea because nail polish can chip and you might want to change the colours every now and then, especially on longer breaks. You never know.
  5. Headphones and an mp3 Player. It's better to chill out with music. A book is a good idea too but, personally, I'd rather do nothing.
  6. Small jewellery that isn't expensive. Loom bands, anklets and non-metallic chains are ideal because they're light and people are generally more okay with breaking them, losing them or getting dirty. They're easier to replace. Losing things like rings and charms amongst the sand in beaches or if you're climbing and hiking is extremely heartbreaking. I know.
  7. Moisturizer and facial cleansers. There's nothing worse than dry or spotty skin when you're on holiday. You feel more insecure around people and it's not a nice feeling. Especially when you're somewhere with a reputation for having pretty people.
  8. Hair pins and hairbands. A must. Even if you think you won't ever use them, bring one or two anyway.
These are my essentials! I hope you find this helpful. 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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