Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Week At The Lake District 2014 Part 3

It rained from Thursday night onwards but we still tried to go somewhere on Friday. Once the rain stopped, we decided to go to a different place in Ambleside since the town is really pretty.

Before going to Ambleside, we went up some mountain roads and did some walking and picture taking. My brother decided to go even higher and climbed on his own. My dad joined him briefly.

We were about 1,500-2,000 feet above sea level and I started to feel really sick at that point. Obviously, we weren't the only people there, hence the tops of the cars at the bottom of the picture below. There wasn't a lot of people there, though.

 After that, we drove back to Ambleside and found another pub to eat in. That pub, oh my goodness, had nothing but really nice, slightly muscley, tall and tattooed men working there. I was left to man the table at one point since my brothers and my dad went to play pool and my mum and sisters had to go to the toilet and that was the exact moment when they all came to bring us our food. I ended up mouthing words at some point instead of saying them. It got to a moment where I could do nothing but point to the places where the food should go. Well done, Pauline...


I had fish and chips! I'm sorry the picture isn't well focused. I was really hungry and just wanted to eat it already.

On Saturday, we went to Keswick town and had dinner at another pub! I had fish and chips again.

We went home on Sunday.

That's my whole week done! Stay beautiful x

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