Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Day Out: UCA Epsom Open Day

I went to the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom today! The university has four campuses and the  Fashion courses are concentrated primarily at Epsom. It's not that big; the campus is one building with small halls of residence for the students. Most of the students live in houses.

The university is in the town of Epsom, on the same road as the Ashley Centre - a pretty big shopping centre for the town. We parked in their multi-storey car park so my dad and I got some coffees to go from McDonald's.

The photo doesn't really do the building justice. The glass on the outside has a really pretty black floral pattern on it and I loved it. Inside this part of the building, the colour scheme of the interior is cream and purple. There wasn't a lot of people at the open day compared to the other ones I went to but it makes sense because this place was really small compared to somewhere like Leeds university. That place was the same size as Epsom itself.

The accommodation at the university was small. They only housed about 100 to 200 students out of the 1,700 they have at Epsom. The rest lived in houses with random people they were put with.

Because of the small amount of people there today, my photos do make it seem like my dad and I were alone in the university. Everyone was spread out.

The place also had their own art supplies which were cheap. They had sketchbooks, design pens, chalks, paints, canvases, everything! I bought a fine liner since the one I had dried out and the other one I had just didn't get along with me - it would tear the paper mid-drawing. It was only £2 so why not?

After going around the university and going to talks and things like that my dad and I headed to the town centre to explore. That's when I really stood out as a city girl. Epsom is a pretty traditional British town and most of the people there were in checkered shirts, trousers and flat shoes or trainers. There was the occasional crop top and make-up. But, I was there in shorts, tights and high heeled boots matched with a black top and a plain shirt over it. I also had my fringed, over-the-top bag from River Island whereas other people had a simple black or brown leather bag. Some had the florals like the Cath Kidston bags, though.

My dad was set on eating at Nando's so we did.

I had the last half chicken. That's right! Nando's ran out of chicken! They still had burgers and wraps and all that but they had no more pure chicken platters to serve for about 15 minutes. They let my dad swap his food with whatever he wanted, though, so it was okay.

The chicken I got was Hot. Here, where we live, Hot isn't that hot. There, it was smoking which was a surprise. The chicken was drowned in the sauce. I don't know how many cups of Sprite I had during that meal but it was a lot. At least 6 full glasses, I know that. My dad just sat and laughed at me. 
We drove back home after that. There wasn't a lot to do. There were a lot of shops there (including a massive H&M) so I am definitely considering the place. The Fashion course appealed to me quite well!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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