Saturday, 20 September 2014

I Have Boots Again!

So half my friends are currently in another country. They'll be back tomorrow. 

Anyway, I went shopping! I haven't done that in a while. I only bought 2 things but I'm sort of poor so, for me, I think that's an achievement. I usually buy one piece of clothing and then spend some money on accessories.

I've been on the hunt for a new pair of boots since I threw mine away about a week ago - the heels had worn out. I bought this new pair from New Look for £29.99 (so basically for £30) and I absolutely love them. It doesn't feel that high when you wear them since the front is quite elevated too.They're also really comfortable. It does take a while to put them on, though - you have to put the laces through the top two rings and then do the buckles at the front after. The heels aren't made of rubber so I'm hoping, fingers crossed, that they last more than a season.

Considering I bought 2 tickets for The Riot Club before shopping and the person I bought the other ticket for didn't actually arrive until the film started, I couldn't buy the jumper I wanted that was slightly more expensive than this one. They paid me back after the film. Anyway, I found this one at H&M - there were four different colour mixes and it cost me £9.99 (so £10). The other colours were monochrome; green and  blue (or black, I forgot); red and black and this one! Blue, pink and black. I tried on this one and the monochrome one before deciding. They gave me the disabled changing room since the others were full and I forgot that the doors to the changing rooms didn't go all the way to the ground. When I try on clothes, I tend to move a lot and dance since that's what I usually do on a day to day basis. To the people outside, it probably looked a bit weird and funny just seeing my feet move around the floor. I did a lot of things.... dance, catwalk, dance some more and even a bit of spinning... I need to know that I'll be comfortable in it!

After shopping, my friends and I went to see The Riot Club. It was the poshest movie ever and it made me giggle quite a lot. No one told me that Natalie Dormer (the woman who plays Margaery in Game of Thrones) was in the film. She was only in it for about 5 minutes but, oh my God, she looked really hot - she's one of my woman crushes... The film itself was pretty good. It sort of lost it a bit after things happened near the end but overall I enjoyed it.

I do wish that I had a bit more money. I really need more winter clothes. Most of my clothes are for the summer. 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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