Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Beanie Season!

So last year I wrote a post titled "11 Reasons To Love Autumn" since it is my favourite time of the year. Well, you can add another reason to that list and that is, of course, beanies! I love my beanies. I've made my round through different ones over the years and I have currently have 3 for this autumn.

Beanies are popular and they're perfect for keeping your head warm without compromising the rest of your outfit. I personally prefer beanies to winter headbands since I can never seem to wear those things without my hair poofing up in clumps at the top. It's not attractive. Also, because of my thick hair, those bands just squeeze it all against my face, making the sides of my head look really flat.

to whoever has my hat that looks exactly like this: I could really use it now that I live in Utah

They can also affect your overall look with light/pastel coloured beanies giving the wearer a sweet, dolled up look and darker beanies giving the wearer a more rock and roll look.

love the beanie and baggy sweater (bad timing but it would be sick for summer)

Slouchy Beanie... i have a lot of hats but i don't have a hat like that

And let's not forget that beanies aren't just for the girls. Guys can pull these things off just as well and, in my opinion, it can make a guy look even hotter (but that depends on who the guy is). I have a friend with a beanie and when he wears it he just looks a bit silly...

Hat!!!!!!!! I'm ordering it in 20 min shipping! Don't care how much it costs! Ha! See I can always find a way... John Watson!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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