Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Shoes for Autumn

It's September. Officially. I still choose not to accept it but that's not going to stop the earth from moving so I'll get over it. Eventually.

So autumn (or fall) is almost upon us and it's time to switch those sandals for some boots, hi-tops and shoes that also cover the top of your foot.

I currently have two pairs of shoes for autumn. That's really bad. I have loads for the warmer days; they last longer. I always have to buy new boots every year because I don't walk like a normal human being. The heels of my shoes always wear away uneven. I know it's normal for that to happen but my shoes do that in the space of 3 months. The outside of the heels wear away a lot quicker than the inside and it gets to the point where it's no longer comfortable or easy to walk in them. It doesn't matter if they're flat shoes or high heels. It will happen...


I have had pretty much every type of boot - ankle, mid-calf, knee length, leather, UGG, plastic, cowboy, flat, high heel, wedge etc. But one type I've never had are lace-up ones. I have a pair of lace up wedges and they're awesome and super comfortable but I do want some form of variety in regards to my shoes.

Fashion All-matched Roman Style Closed-toe Stiletto Heel Ankle Boots : Tidebuy.com

Lace-up boots are pretty much what everyone's going for right now and I want to be a part of it. These things are so versatile! You can wear them with a dress and be all dolled up or you can shove on some shorts and a checkered top and you're pretty much ready to rock out.

Deanne Strapped Boot - Black by Jeffrey Campbell  $225.00    Style #: 15645

The picture above is of a pair that's similar to the ones I have right now. The heels are made of rubber (like most boots) so, yeah, they've worn away at a really obvious diagonal to the floor. I tried to wear them a few days ago and my feet just bent inwards... It wasn't comfy.

I am in love with this. It reminds me of hipster/cool. So yea

New Look and H&M are my go-to places when it comes to shoes since they're pretty durable and just...pretty! They're also priced quite decently as well. 

I'm hoping to get a job within the next month so I can actually buy some pairs of shoes to keep my feet warm! It's not easy when you're a student. "Weekend" jobs aren't really weekend jobs... People come into school in their work uniforms quite often.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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