Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Day Out: Nottingham Trent University Open Day

This is the last open day that I planned on going to for now. I went earlier today and I must say I did love it! It was a big change from the last one I went to - Epsom - since the size of the university was HUGE in comparison; UCA Epsom has about 2,000 students altogether and NTU has about 30,000.

Obviously I went to the Fashion section of the university as part of the day. The facilities were really good and there was a lot available to the students as well. I also liked how focused the course was on the students - the group gets split into groups of 5 or 6 so you can get the attention you need in the workshops.

This isn't the building I'll be in if I do go there; I would be in Bonington since that's the Art and Design school. I just thought this part of the university was nice to look at. It's across the road from Bonington.

I don't know why but I felt really awkward taking pictures of the things around the university. It made me feel a bit like a tourist and I just got really awkward. I was with one of my friends who also went to the open day - we went to the accomodation together - and, I don't know, I sort of took pictures as subtely as I could, pretending to text or something. I never held my phone up. I sort of held it against my chest most of the time so I never really knew what I was taking a picture of.

Of course, I got quite a lot of things from the university, including a student cookbook that I will definitely use in whatever university I decide to go to.

I didn't go around the town and I really wish I did. I saw glimpses of it as I went around the campus but my dad went around the high street by himself whilst I was looking at the accomodation and the library. The library has a Starbucks inside! I got a caramel frappe. I rarely get a hot coffee when I'm out. It's usually a frappe. At home I do love my black coffee, though.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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