Friday, 24 October 2014

People That Entertain Me

So I barely watch TV nowadays and I've pretty much moved on to people that exist on the internet. I don't really show my appreciation for others that much on this thing but I do stalk some people, especially YouTubers, quite a bit.

Being a casual blogger, I do spend quite a lot of time looking at other blogs, mainly Geek Chic Notes and Guilianna Marie, for no other reason than I talk to them, sort of. I enjoy reading something if I know the person behind it a little bit; I feel less like a stalker and more like a friend. I got Bloglovin about a week ago, I think, and I just love reading the posts on there. It's also a gateway to other bloggers that I probably wouldn't have come across on my own.

On YouTube, I stalk people to the max. I will spend a whole day watching just one person's videos if I really want to. Finding PewDiePie was a good day! He's not a recent find, by the way. I started watching PewDiePie videos way before he had 2 million bros... I also stalk Cry quite a bit too. Away from the gaming side of YouTube (a big side to it), I love watching vlogs. My personal favourite is Nat (communitychannel). I am convinced, and my friends agree to this, that she is an Australian me. Her sense of humour and the way she speaks and what she actually says are things that I might say and laugh at as well. We have a connection! She just doesn't know it yet.

When I was around 14/15 years old, I absolutely loved beauty vloggers like Bubz and Michelle Phan. Nowadays, make up tutorials and things like that really don't interest me anymore. The only reason I've found is that I've become comfortable with how I do my make up now; I know more about different products now than I did then and I've gotten used to it so much that I can probably wing it with a certain look and it would come out okay. I do love watching Bubz's daily vlogs. Baby Isaac is ridiculously adorable!

So that's a snippet of who I find interesting. I hope you find me a good read (or satisfactory at least) as well.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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