Monday, 13 October 2014

#Teenblogseries: Beauty Tips

I only found out about this thing last week so I metaphorically jumped at the opportunity as soon as I could!

Beauty Tips. That's the topic. Way back when I had my "Top Tips Tuesday" series, I did a post on "how to win the winter battle" since our skin is a lot more vulnerable out in the cold. For this post, I'm just going to share some general beauty tips that I've learnt from others or have found out myself!

1. Always, ALWAYS clean your face right before you apply make-up, especially if you're planning on wearing foundation. Not only does this give you a smoother surface to work on but it reduces the chance of getting spots since your pores will be clean and you won't trap any dirt between your skin and the foundation. My skin gets irritated really easily since I have sensitive skin so this is pretty much a must for me.

2. Don't try to match your eyebrows to a stencil or another person's eyebrows because it probably won't suit you. Stencils are great as a starting point but learn to identify where the curves in your eyebrows are and their overall shape - everyone is different. I started off with a stencil because my eyebrows sort of fit into it but I don't touch it anymore once I got used to filling in the different parts of my eyebrows. 

Lola knows that eyebrows are the frame of the eye and SOOOOO important

3. Don't stick with one tool for your eyebrows: a pencil for the outer halves and powder for the inner halves. The inner ends of your eyebrows, ideally, should be subtly lighter than the edges and you shouldn't force the edges to be how you want them; if they slant, don't make them straight!

The one time I took my time with make-up for a job interview. I got the job!
4. Water is your best friend. It'll keep your skin and hair healthy. It prevents dry skin, guys! It's important!
9 GREAT REASONS TO DRINK WATER. I can never get enough water. #drinkwater #diet #fatloss

I hope you found this helpful! That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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