Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I'm 18?!

Watch out, world! I am technically an adult...

It's my birthday today! Now, because it's a school night I couldn't really celebrate it today so I actually had my party last Saturday. Pictures will be up soon I hope.

Anyway, since it was my 18th, people felt it was necessary to buy me, ME, expensive things. We all know I'm the clumsiest person in the world. It's not a secret. Why my friends have decided to give me things that can easily break, I don't know, but they did.

I know flaunting presents can make you look a bit self centred and egotistic but I'm going to do it anyway because my presents are nice and I love them.

And, yes, I did get alcohol (if you count Smirnoff Ice as alcohol. Personally, I don't. To me, it's just lemonade) and half of the bottle is gone already. Nothing happened.

I reacted to this little figure of Daenerys from Game of Thrones more than I did for the rest of my presents. I think it was mainly because this is something different to what I usually expect to get.

A new Juno wallet! My friends were more happy that I got this than I did. Mainly because I've been using a Miss Piggy wallet for years now and I refused to throw it away. It's in the bin now... Those days are gone.

I absolutely love this! It's a wooden box with a sliding lid that has the vintage sewing machine figure on it. For what it is, it's actually quite heavy but now I have something to keep all of my sewing equipment. Do you know what I used before? An ice cream box.

I am not the biggest fan of perfumes and things like that. I have a vast range of perfumes and they are all from other people through previous birthdays and Christmas. The only one that I really wear is the Red Apple DKNY  perfume.

Purple fluffy jumper and a Ralph Lauren Polo jumper. That's pretty much all I can say here.

My collection of tops just continues to grow and grow whilst the amount of bottom I own just sort of fade away - they either rip, stain, I lose taste in them or they don't fit anymore. I have one pair of jeans. I'm not really a trousers person in general so I depend on shorts and leggings.

Last, and certainly not least is the jewellery. Oh my god, my friends are too much sometimes. My boyfriend got me a Pandora bracelet with a heart charm that has the number 18 in the middle and a few of my other friends grouped their money together to get me a Swarovski pendant! I've worn the necklace once already to school. It was a bold move but it survived.

I really am not a fan of fine jewellery but that necklace is just something else. I really do like it! I also haven't taken the Pandora off (except when I shower) since I got it because I just love it so much. A Pandora bracelet is something I never actually thought I'd ever have mainly because of the costs. Beads are so expensive and I thought it would be better to save up and get a lot of beads at once along with a bracelet. That way it wouldn't be bare. But, it actually looks nice with the one bead and I never expected it too. What makes it even more special and amazing is that it came from someone I truly love myself.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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