Sunday, 9 November 2014

I've Applied To Uni

I did it, guys! I sent my UCAS application off to be checked by the school I go to and from there, it'll head off to the universities that I've applied to. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I get replies; I'd like at least three just so there's some options and that gives me a better chance of getting in. A reply from all of them would be amazing, though!

Now, it's already been two months into Year 13 and I am feeling the pressure... Homework-wise, the amount I've had to deal with has pretty much doubled since last year and, right now, I really should be carrying on with my Product Design work but I really need time to rest. I just got back from my first rugby game (yeah, I'm active now) and my ankle is absolutely killing me! I fell on it as it gave way under a person and the pain has just been growing and growing over time. During the game, I also ran into one of my own team mates... we were trying to get the same person, okay? We hit each other really hard instead and now we both have cut lips; her cut is so much worse than mine...

This weekend has been ridiculously busy - this week in general has. I've fallen behind on things but I should be able to put myself back on track by the middle of the week. There won't be a Trendy Tuesday post but I could switch it up and do a Trendy THURSDAY instead just to confuse people.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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