Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub Review

I know I've already mentioned that I have sensitive skin. It's a big problem for me because things like facial scrubs, face wash, toners and all the rest of it are really hard to find. I can't just pick one up and use it because there have been many times that my face just goes "No, I don't like this!" and breaks out in spots and rashes as protest.

I've been looking around the land of blog reviews for anything that could come in handy as well as looking for actual products. Now, I did find one at first (Garnier Pure Active) that I was intent on buying until I saw a bad review of it from someone of the same type of skin as me. Product details are always biased - the whole point is to sell the product - so it was good that I found an honest review from someone with a similar situation as myself or else I would have bought it too and would have been disappointed as well. (Click here for the review).

After looking around some more, I found the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub from Boots. I have used Simple products before but I wasn't particularly happy with it. The brand is made for people with sensitive skin but every now and then my face would still react and I would feel a stinging burning sensation from the products, especially with the facial wipes. It wasn't a nice feeling at all and it meant I had to stop using them. After that I started to rely on natural remedies that I found on Pinterest like oatmeal scrubs and facials to do the job. I still do; my face becomes ridiculously smooth whenever I use those. However, they weren't amazing when it came to keeping spots away. Every now and then I had to use something with chemicals to do the job. For a while I had the Facial Cleanser from It Works thanks to my mum but I never got another bottle of the stuff.

Anyway, I decided to go with the Simple product once again because I couldn't really find anything else. I didn't have the highest expectations from it but it did end up surprising me a little bit. With a little bit of pressure on your palms and fingers, and through a circular motion, it did exfoliate my face pretty damn well. Because of the pressure, the process can get a little bit painful but I think that it's worth it.

The scrub has no moisturizing after effect so, if your skin dried up really quickly like mine, you will need to apply moisturizer onto your face after you use the scrub. 

It's not amazing when it comes to removing make-up (it does take off the majority of it though) so I would pair this with a daily cleanser as well to make sure that your face is clear of everything before you sleep or whatever. There's always a dash of eyeliner left on my face after I use this. It's not a major amount so I can just wipe it off with the tip of my little face towel. 

The bottle is not that big so it's worth buying just to test it out. It's got 75ml of the scrub inside. It's really thin too. Part of the reason of why I bought it is because of the size. If I didn't like it, the amount wasn't too much for me to feel regret about buying it.

It lasts a long time as well! You're supposed to use it once a week but I use it every few days. You only have to use a small amount to cover your face and neck so you get your money's worth from it.

The bottle retails at £3.49 in Boots. An affordable amount and it is what I would expect to pay for a decent facial product.

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That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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