Monday, 1 December 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Being Interview Ready

This is mainly a post to benefit myself and others that are about to apply or have applied to university and have interviews on the way.

In many ways, the outfit you have to wear to interviews is similar to what you would wear to a job interview - smart, neat and clean. However, I personally think that the outfit you wear to a university interview shouldn't make you look older. Yes, at a job interview, you have to look mature and ready to work but at a university interview, they know how old you are! There's no point in trying to create this illusion.

"College interview / Job interview" by wakley-vanzina ❤ liked on Polyvore

This week, I am planning to buy an outfit or two for my interviews since my wardrobe really doesn't have clothes that are more suitabe for a more formal environment. My go-to decision, for now, is a smart black blazer on top of a playsuit.

romper + long blazer. One of my personal favorite combinations ^_^
I know it's not black in this photo but you get the point
Image 4 of ASOS Blazer with Contrast Piping

It's a nice smart look but at the same time you show that you are 18 and you're "in with the times." Don't look outdated, especially if your course is related to the real world like Fashion, Media, Journalism etc.

I really like this look. It's grown up but still fun... Something professional/cute to wear to work or a job interview.

Now, before you make a decision about your outfit, it's important to know what the interviews are like and what to expect. Not all universities will tell you directly if it's a very formal interview or a more relaxed conversation. It's best to ask students and staff that are there when you're at an open day or to email the university. Not only does this make you better informed but it also shows them that you are really interested in the course and them too.

And don't forget to smile because...

Especially when you use Colgate Total MouthWash!  I am sampling Colgate Total Mouthwash through for free.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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  1. Love this post. Super helpful especially at the age that I'm at. I'm getting ready to do college interviews soon. (Very stressful!) I love all of the outfits you've included in this post. All very classy and sophisticated. xx


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