Monday, 19 January 2015

Beneficial Apps

There's an app for pretty much anything and everything now and it's actually amazing what some people can think of. But just because something is an app and is available to you, it doesn't mean you should have it. I tend to clear my phone of apps every now and then just because I stop using them or I realise there's actually no real point in having them. However, there are apps out there that were made for a good reason and actually help you with your every day life.

For example, if you're on a diet and trying to lose weight, get a weight loss tracker! Being able to see your progress on a graph with a decreasing line is very encouraging. It's not easy to stick to a diet which makes people tend to rush through it. Being able to see your progress and control it is something that's worth doing.

I have two that I use now. The first one I installed a few days ago and the second one I've had since last summer.

If you are a guy, please skip the first one...

1. Period Tracker
I am one of those girls that still fails at being able to track my own body's processes... Having an app for this on my phone just makes me pay more attention to it since I spend half of my life staring at a phone screen. The one that I have is called "Period Calendar/Tracker" with a logo of a pink book with a flower on it. Once you install it, it changes its name to "My Calendar" so if someone else is snooping around your phone and you're a bit sensitive about things like this, they wouldn't know what it is if you make sure they don't open it.

2. Interval Trainer
An interval training app is so useful. Some apps come with a pre-planned work out and some have ones where you can customize and add your own. The work outs aren't long; they're just a way for you to get a burst of exercise everyday.

Apps for general social media are always recommended to people since it's important to stay connected in this technological world we live in. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't stay connected with yourself. The Interval Trainer has stopped me from becoming a complete slob. My fitness isn't the greatest - fitness training after school today can prove that - but I'm pretty sure I'm a lot better off with it than without it. After a while, it develops into a habit and you're pretty much forced by your own mind to stand up and do something.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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