Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Day Out: Spending Money In Oxford

Woah, hey, sorry, my mundane life got less mundane after Thursday...

Last Friday, I went to Oxford with the girlies (that's what I call them in my head so that's what I say out loud) and it was probably the best day I had this half term. We went to the shops that we have where we live but Oxford is a different place so the clothes there are more suited for students and people that need to look smart whereas the clothes we have here are mainly party clothes. That's why I do so much online shopping. Pauline doesn't party hard enough to physically go out and spend a load of money where she lives... It's an active city, I'll tell you that much.

I managed to spend almost £100 of my money, mainly in Primark and H&M. PRIMARK. AND H&M. Yes, the cheap places. Obviously, we had to get food too so we went to Maxwell's, a pretty nice American diner-type restaurant they have there. I love that place so much. We had lunch there with some cocktails (because we're classy like that) and burgers (drink like ladies, eat like men...).

Here are some of the things that I bought...

Yes, I bought full leg Despicable Me pyjama bottoms. Why? Because I can. They're so adorable and I could not say "no" to them. My friends all bought pyjamas too so a sleepover needs to happen soon.

Two tops from H&M: one black one with lace parts along the top of the sleeves and one knitted crop top with a crochet hem and floral pattern. That brings my total of crop tops with crochet hems to two! I have a plain grey one too. Also from H&M.

Because when you are presented with bras for £3, you don't say "no". It's a rule. Plus, you can never have enough bras. I got to the till and the purple one was actually £1, which made me pretty happy. 

I am down to one pair of shorts, guys. I had to buy another at some point. This one is a really comfortable high waisted pair of shorts. I still don't understand why it's called "a pair"...

Along with these, I also bought a jumpsuit, a blouse for work (and for times when I want to/need to look like an actual adult), essentials from Boots and an ice cream sundae from a little cafe that one of the girls forced us to go to because she doesn't do mainstream... psshh... I was going to buy some new shoes as well - a pair for work and a pair for summer (I understand why it's called "a pair" here) - but I couldn't find any.

And, of course, what trip isn't complete without a trip to a sweets shop. We went to Hardy's! I bought chocolates.

Chocolate in lollipop form is the best form of chocolate.

As we were going around, we spotted a game on display in a shop window - "Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game". I am equally scared and intrigued by what could be inside that thing...

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Mundane Life: Day 4

I planned to go and see Kingsman today with a friend but they overslept and I didn't want to watch it on my own so I just hung out with my boyfriend instead. I was meant to do that after but, since I had nothing to do for two hours, I just moved it up my schedule.

We spent the day on Netflix, as usual, and not moving. We are the laziest couple ever. We got through an episode of Sherlock first and then I forced him to watch Brave with me which succeeded and he liked it! He laughed therefore he liked... Next target - watch Tangled. Of course, when all of the Netflix stuff was done, I had to show him the lip sync battle I watched yesterday between Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart.

I planned on doing some more coursework and stuff for tonight but I forgot to save all of my Extended Project stuff onto my memory stick so they're all on the school system. At school. Not here. Yay...

So I'm just going to repaint my nails instead. Time well spent, I think.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Mundane Life: Day 3

I finished the mattress thing that I was making yesterday and I have done pretty much all that I think I can manage on my Product Design work so far.

I spent a lot of my day on YouTube just watching the most random of things. I have been wasting my nights on watching a hell of a lot of Boy Meets World on there and I don't regret it. It's such a captivating show and I haven't really been into any particular show at the moment apart from this one. I also watched was the lip sync battle between Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrel and Kevin Hart. It made me laugh, seriously, and I think I've watched it about 5 times now. Other things were dance videos by Kyle Hanagami, Bart Baker parodies (yeah, they're mean but if you don't take them to heart, they're also funny), more Jimmy Fallon stuff and, of course, some of pewdiepie too.

Yeah, today wasn't eventful... I mean it wasn't like any of the other days were but this day was particularly lazy, you know. There are times where I just absolutely lose the motivation to do anything.

Now, I'm going to go and watch more of Boy Meets World so goodnight and stay beautiful. x

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Mundane Life: Day 2

My fabric shears broke today... I tried to cut through a thick layer of fabric and foam to resize this foam mattress thing my dad has and it...just...snapped... couldn't take it. RIP my friend. It was a sad moment and the snap of the handle was a sound that I don't want to hear again. I'll be sure to buy one of your stronger relatives!

Not a lot happened today. My brothers tied a helium balloon to my baby sister's ponytail (that was entertaining for a while) and I spent a lot of hours creating a slip cover for the mattress thing, after resizing it, and then making an actual mattress cover which I still need to sew together.

We had pizza and garlic bread for dinner... I did some more Product Design coursework... I probably should do some studying for the other subjects I do as well. Right now, I'm just sitting on my bed in front of my laptop, doing this, a bit of coursework, a bit of Facebook and a bit of nothing.

My room isn't the greatest place to be but it is one of the coldest places to be. I kind of hate it. The radiator doesn't radiate the heat far enough. There's a thin line between the Antarctic and Hawaii in this small space I call my bedroom and it's really hard to be perfectly in between the two but I try my best.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Monday, 16 February 2015

My Mundane Life: Day 1

So I don't so this enough. Blog. I always try to but the effort just leaves me after the first sentence of a post. It may be the half term but I still have a lot to do in terms of coursework and life in general.

I thought I would just reflect on my life for a week, if I can go that long without giving up or being overrun by work.

How has life been so far, Pauline?
Tiring. Oh, so tiring. Today was the first day that I had a good night's sleep in a while - I went to bed at midnight and woke up at midday. I don't regret it.

I spent the whole weekend doing things, which I was totally okay with, and it took everything out of me.

This afternoon I did some Product Design coursework and I totally screwed up the measurements on one of the pieces for my dress. I'm not 100% sure how it happened but it did so... yeah, I had to fix that. I think I have now so it should be okay (fingers crossed), I just have to change the positions of the darts a little bit but it's nothing major. I did get into quite a panic at the time.

Half term isn't going to be relaxing for me, I don't think.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Trendy Thursday: High or Low?

Jeans! I don't wear them but I know when the outfit looks good or great. I have two pairs of jeans and they're both low rise skinny jeans so there's not much that I can wear with them.

The top of the jeans influence what top you should wear with it whereas the bottom of the jeans influence the shoes you should wear with it. For this post, the bottom of the jeans aren't considered.

High Waist:
Perfect with cropped tops and jumpers, the high waist band hides your midriff if you're not that confident with showing your belly. An important thing to know about high waist jeans is that YOU MUST WEAR THE SIZE THAT FITS YOU! Seriously, if they're too tight, get a bigger size. You avoid getting those fat-roll-like bumps on the front of the jeans when they're too tight. It might be a size or two bigger than usual but not everyone has the expected body shape that companies want you to have. If you have a pretty straight body shape like I do, it's expected. I have a pair of high waist leggings and they're a size bigger than the rest of my clothing.

It is so plain but, for some reason I find it alluring.

high waist jeans All kinds of Christian Louboutin shoes/heels here , $118 nice price for your holiday gifts!

Low Rise:
The opposite to high waist jeans, these go well with long tops and jumpers. If you're more confident with your body, a regular top is a good match to show off those little glimpses of your midriff. Unlike high-waist jeans, you get a much more relaxed look and, let's face it, they're also more comfortable. You can definitely eat more without feeling them getting tight...
I usually match my ones with a loose shirt. Going for the laid back look is my thing.

polka dot denim and a great leather jacket

]featuring Madewell cable sweater / Patagonia / Citizens of Humanity low rise jeans / Frye kitten heel boots / MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kor / Anthropologie pave jewelry

That's all for now! Stay beautiful x

Friday, 6 February 2015

Links I Love 06/02/2015

So I'm feeling quite lazy right now. The majority of my energy is focused on an endless amount of coursework for all of my subjects so the remainder has to be spread out amongst everything else like blogging, breathing (got to do that...) and internet browsing - I haven't been on Tickld in a long time and I miss it.

I have been on Bloglovin for a while now (by the way, follow me! You'll get absolutely nothing for it!) and there have been a few blogs that I love to read and, when I remember to, I do share them via social media, mainly Pinterest (*coughfollowmeonthattooifyouwantcough*).

Here are some of the blog posts that I have loved to read on Bloglovin and otherwise! Enjoy!

Make Up Savvy - An ASOS Haul
I absolutely love this post just because the things that Fee (the blogger) has bought are some of the quirkiest of things - e.g. an Eiffel Tower Ring Holder.

Living In June - Screw Sticks And Stones
As well as Make-Up Tutorials and Reviews and fun little tags, blogs are also an opportunity to express your emotions and I think that this is a good way to use the power of the internet.

Guilianna Marie - January Favorites
Blogging has led to make good relationships with some people. We're not that close but it's nice to know that I've found a way to communicate with people that I would otherwise not know. Being able to get an insight into their lives is actually quite nice (in a non-stalker-like way).

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Favourite Moments Of January 2015

It's officially been a month since the new year... where did the time go?

Anyway, January, for me, was actually really busy with all the university stuff that's going on and the A-Levels that I have to pass so it was a busy start to the year.

Here are my favourite moments of January:

  • Not only going to the uni interviews but getting the acceptance emails and letters too!
  • Seeing my boyfriend a lot more than usual! It was good. A good month.
  • Poker night. That happened... 
Now, it's February. The month of luuuuurve. I hope you all enjoy it. Yes, even the singletons. 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x