Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Day Out: Spending Money In Oxford

Woah, hey, sorry, my mundane life got less mundane after Thursday...

Last Friday, I went to Oxford with the girlies (that's what I call them in my head so that's what I say out loud) and it was probably the best day I had this half term. We went to the shops that we have where we live but Oxford is a different place so the clothes there are more suited for students and people that need to look smart whereas the clothes we have here are mainly party clothes. That's why I do so much online shopping. Pauline doesn't party hard enough to physically go out and spend a load of money where she lives... It's an active city, I'll tell you that much.

I managed to spend almost £100 of my money, mainly in Primark and H&M. PRIMARK. AND H&M. Yes, the cheap places. Obviously, we had to get food too so we went to Maxwell's, a pretty nice American diner-type restaurant they have there. I love that place so much. We had lunch there with some cocktails (because we're classy like that) and burgers (drink like ladies, eat like men...).

Here are some of the things that I bought...

Yes, I bought full leg Despicable Me pyjama bottoms. Why? Because I can. They're so adorable and I could not say "no" to them. My friends all bought pyjamas too so a sleepover needs to happen soon.

Two tops from H&M: one black one with lace parts along the top of the sleeves and one knitted crop top with a crochet hem and floral pattern. That brings my total of crop tops with crochet hems to two! I have a plain grey one too. Also from H&M.

Because when you are presented with bras for £3, you don't say "no". It's a rule. Plus, you can never have enough bras. I got to the till and the purple one was actually £1, which made me pretty happy. 

I am down to one pair of shorts, guys. I had to buy another at some point. This one is a really comfortable high waisted pair of shorts. I still don't understand why it's called "a pair"...

Along with these, I also bought a jumpsuit, a blouse for work (and for times when I want to/need to look like an actual adult), essentials from Boots and an ice cream sundae from a little cafe that one of the girls forced us to go to because she doesn't do mainstream... psshh... I was going to buy some new shoes as well - a pair for work and a pair for summer (I understand why it's called "a pair" here) - but I couldn't find any.

And, of course, what trip isn't complete without a trip to a sweets shop. We went to Hardy's! I bought chocolates.

Chocolate in lollipop form is the best form of chocolate.

As we were going around, we spotted a game on display in a shop window - "Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game". I am equally scared and intrigued by what could be inside that thing...

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x 

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