Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Mundane Life: Day 2

My fabric shears broke today... I tried to cut through a thick layer of fabric and foam to resize this foam mattress thing my dad has and it...just...snapped... couldn't take it. RIP my friend. It was a sad moment and the snap of the handle was a sound that I don't want to hear again. I'll be sure to buy one of your stronger relatives!

Not a lot happened today. My brothers tied a helium balloon to my baby sister's ponytail (that was entertaining for a while) and I spent a lot of hours creating a slip cover for the mattress thing, after resizing it, and then making an actual mattress cover which I still need to sew together.

We had pizza and garlic bread for dinner... I did some more Product Design coursework... I probably should do some studying for the other subjects I do as well. Right now, I'm just sitting on my bed in front of my laptop, doing this, a bit of coursework, a bit of Facebook and a bit of nothing.

My room isn't the greatest place to be but it is one of the coldest places to be. I kind of hate it. The radiator doesn't radiate the heat far enough. There's a thin line between the Antarctic and Hawaii in this small space I call my bedroom and it's really hard to be perfectly in between the two but I try my best.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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