Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Mundane Life: Day 4

I planned to go and see Kingsman today with a friend but they overslept and I didn't want to watch it on my own so I just hung out with my boyfriend instead. I was meant to do that after but, since I had nothing to do for two hours, I just moved it up my schedule.

We spent the day on Netflix, as usual, and not moving. We are the laziest couple ever. We got through an episode of Sherlock first and then I forced him to watch Brave with me which succeeded and he liked it! He laughed therefore he liked... Next target - watch Tangled. Of course, when all of the Netflix stuff was done, I had to show him the lip sync battle I watched yesterday between Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart.

I planned on doing some more coursework and stuff for tonight but I forgot to save all of my Extended Project stuff onto my memory stick so they're all on the school system. At school. Not here. Yay...

So I'm just going to repaint my nails instead. Time well spent, I think.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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