Friday, 24 April 2015

Bootea Review

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I found out about Bootea Teatox about a few months ago and bought the 14 Day Teatox for myself last month. Like with any other diet fad, I had my doubts; not everything works and we all know it. But I was still pretty excited about it and bought the stuff as soon as I could afford it. 

The 14 Day Teatox costs £19.99. For a two week thing, it's a pretty good price. 

Anyway, I had it without following the eating plan that comes with it because, well... I don't like to not eat. Nevertheless, I still lost some weight from it thanks to the minor chaos that it caused on my stomach. They were not kidding about the laxative effect. Gross, yes, but a necessary part of the weight loss. How else are you meant to lose it?? It made me pee more too. And sweat. 

Because I am familiar with the taste of green tea, the taste of Bootea wasn't much of a surprise to me. It probably would be for those who have never had it before. The taste of green tea really is something that you have to get familiar with. 

There are quite a few different teatox brands out now but I don't feel comfortable switching to one of those when I know that Bootea works. 

If I also followed the eating plan, I know that I would have lost a lot more weight but that wasn't the plan. I just wanted to see if something would happen and clearly something did. 

Bootea products are available at Boots and Holland and Barrett, as far as I'm aware, because that's where I've seen and bought them. Bootea also has an online store, their original marketing method,

I've bought another 14 Day Teatox since then. I liked it enough to buy another one and it is a great way to manage your weight when you're a little bit lazy like me when it comes to weight management.

If green tea isn't your thing, there's also a shake and porridge available! 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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