Friday, 10 April 2015

I'm Definitely Leaving

Last night, I booked and reserved a room at uni, with help from my dad, of course...

The time for me to leave home is getting closer and closer and I should be kind of nervous but I'm really not. It's made me so excited! I get to meet new people and do new things (as well as the same things like shopping and going to the cinemas) in another place.

I really can't wait to just do something different now. After the exams are done, I don't have to worry as much as anyone else about the result since I already have a place but the grades do show up on my CV regardless and I want them to be good ones. My last exam is in June, which is great because I can spend most of my days sitting around doing nothing because I'll have nothing to do. That's something that I genuinely do look forward to. I can also get some more hours at work and make it rain on pay day... Kind of. I need that money for student life so...

My student wardrobe is something that I've been working at for a while now, buying new things when I can. I cleaned out my wardrobe at the beginning of this week and it did hit me when I realised how empty my wardrobe actually is. Most of the clothes that were in there, especially the clothes at the bottom of the piles were things that I haven't worn in years and were just giving the illusion that I did have clothes. I definitely want my student wardrobe to be more adult-ish. Less t-shirts, more blouses and shirts; less jersey skirts, more tailored skirts; less denim, more anything but denim; less lace tights, more tights with small patterns. You get the idea. I hope.

Anyway, it is so exciting and I try not to sound mean when I say I'm glad I'm leaving. It's difficult, though. There are some people that I really don't want to see again. But everyone feels that way about someone. I'm pretty sure some people never want to see me again and I'm okay with that. Really. No tears.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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