Friday, 24 July 2015

That Pyjama Project

I made matching pyjamas for my little sister and myself.

It only took about three hours to make the two, spread over a few days, so it was a pretty fun quick little project just to keep my sewing skills up.

My little sister helped me, of course, by being in charge of the coloured pins that I have, letting her hand them to me when I need one and also help me remove them when I'm done sewing whatever I pinned together. We made a pretty good team, you know.

I bought the fabric from the local fabric store. I bought the last bit of the fabric roll which was just enough for me to use.

The pattern I simply printed from a website online. I wish there was one for the top as well since I think it would have looked so adorable as a whole pyjama set but, oh well, you can't have everything. The pattern is just for regular pyjama bottoms but I wanted the ones I planned on making to have cuffs for the legs. I even found an adorable frilly elastic to use! It didn't take a lot of altering; I shortened the ends a little bit and made the leg section of the pattern thinner at the bottom, like joggers and harem pants, so that the elastic would fit. I still wanted them to be quite baggy though.

My little sister refers to them as our clown pants. It doesn't offend me, I get it. I think they are very clowny but oh so comfortable.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Pattern: Simplicity Pyjama Pattern

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