Wednesday, 12 August 2015

That Cushion Project

I made cushions!

I wanted to make some cushions to take with me to university so I did. There's no proper reason for making them other than me wanting something unique for my bedroom whilst I am living Birmingham.

To make the cushions, I bought everything online from Hobbycraft since they had what I wanted and I'm too lazy to go out and buy cushions and carry them back home. I didn't expect the cushions to be so big and fat and cuddly; being £3 each I didn't expect the quality to be that great but they were! I used two packs of fat quarters, a wine and a black set, for the covers. The wine set was a much better quality than the black - the pieces were thicker and therefore easier to handle. I bought some black lining fabric to make the black and white pieces look more solid and prevent you from seeing the cushion inside.

I got creative with the backs of the cushions since I started to run low on fabric really quickly. My patchwork skills are on point.

I drew the designs for the cushions in my sketchpad beforehand so I knew what I was doing and what the pieces looked like. To make the templates, I used newspaper since I'm too lazy to go out and buy pattern paper and I had everything already so I couldn't bear to wait another few days for a delivery.

The cushions are really big and they work so nicely as a set. I'm glad that the finished products turned out alright. I'm pretty proud of them. 100% Pinterest worthy.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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  1. I saw them on your snapchat story. They look absolutely incredible! xx


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