Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I Went To Paris - 2015

From the 8th Sept to the 11th, I was enjoying a little holiday with a friend in Paris. It turned out to be a slight adventure thanks to an issue with Airbnb which I will explain now:

So, Emily (my friend) and I got to Paris no problem via the Eurostar. Walked from the Gare du Nord to our apartment that we rented out for the three nights only to find that the host, who had out keys, decided not to show up. We tried contacting him and one of the French neighbours tried to help and communicate with us through a translator app. No one could reach him in the end, not even Airbnb customer support so, after two hours of waiting and waiting, we decided to cancel it and find another place to stay as soon as possible.

That night, we stayed in a really cheap and questionable hotel which cost us 70 Euro for the night. The cheapest we could find as we walked around. The room smelt of wall plaster and the bathroom was dark. The carpet was dirty and the floor was uneven. Our double bed was just two single mattresses shoved together in a double bed frame. But, at least we had somewhere to sleep for the night.

Being the classy women that we are we had pizza and wine for dinner.

The next day we left the hotel around lunch time and got ourselves to the Louvre which had better Wi-Fi than the hotel and continued out search for a new apartment from the night before. We sent a bunch of requests and luckily found a place to stay: a double room in the host's flat. He was really nice and showed us all the shopping places around Paris that we could go and wander around in. 

Having a place took the weight off our shoulders...Literally. I could finally put my massive cabin bag full of stuff down and walk around Paris with only my essentials: phone, passport, travel insurance and money.
We did all the tourist stuff and saw pretty much all of the landmarks. 

 We went to the Eiffel Tower.

Every single day we were in or around the Louvre. Our apartment was near it and it was the one place that we both knew pretty well by the end of the trip.

A great benefit for being a member the EU and 18 years old is free entry into the Louvre and on the Arc de Triomphe plus a reduced price to go up the Eiffel Tower.

Paris at night was beyond beautiful and my phone camera did not do it justice at all. I would invest in a decent camera if I had the money though. I loved the lock bridge. I know that the original bridge has been cleared of them but there's so many around the other bridges too and I'm pretty sure the panels of locks in the photo above are ones that have been moved from the old bridge. There are so many and it was so amazing to look at. The Eiffel Tower at night was gorgeous and the little light show that happens every hour is brilliant.

I can see why it is the city of romance and love. 

This was my first time abroad since moving to the UK and it was also my first holiday without my family. I loved it so much. Emily and I did stuff we wanted to and went where we wanted to. I know I'm 18 but I still need my parents' permission to do things, usually, and the freedom that I felt at Paris was something that I am going to cherish.

This Saturday I'll be moving away from home and living in Birmingham, starting a new chapter of my life at university and have the independence that I have longed for. It's going to be epic!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I love your pictures! x



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