Friday, 30 October 2015

Living The Student Life

The last month has been amazing!

First of all, I apologize to all my blog friends for the ghastly amounts of Snapchat stories when I'm drunk. I am not a good example of a responsible adult... I am on top of my work though so don't worry about that. I still have my priorities straight.

So what have I been up to?

I went around Birmingham City Centre following The Big Hoot Owl Trail...

...visited the Library of Birmingham...

...and went down an Oreo slide...

All on the same day!

I have met so many nice and interesting people yet I still talk to my friends from back home. We may be in different cities now but we're still as close as ever. 

A few weeks after moving in I decided that I wanted to dye my hair half blue and half purple. So I did.

Two weeks ago I found out I am slightly blind. I'm long sighted so things up close can be hard to focus on and give me a headache. I found this out whilst I was working in the studios at uni. I headed to Specsavers and got my eyes tested and glasses sorted by the day after! Being a student meant that the test was free and the glasses cost £25. The only pair I could find that would sit comfortably on my wide face.

My hair has also faded to a orange/brown colour instead of purple (almost the ginger it once was) and a green instead of blue which I actually quite like. I will dye it again soon though.

Then last night I went to a bar crawl with some of my new friends for Halloween!

What else?
I am now a lot better at cooking for one; when I first moved in my flatmates and I all had the same problem of cooking too much food for ourselves. But that's sorted now. Ish. I can also do a grocery shop for one person and make it last!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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