Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Black Friday Purchases

So, on the night before Black Friday, I just happened to be on the Boohoo website looking at skirts (I had a realisation that my wardrobe needs to be girly-ed up a little bit). Everything was fine; I was mindlessly browsing as you do. Then Boohoo sends out an email to all of its subscribers about the pre-Black Friday sales and BAM! the website dies... *sigh* However, it did mean that I was forced to look elsewhere for some skirts and that led to the the gold mine that was the Forever 21 sales!

I bought 4 skirts on sale with student discount added on top (yay!). The striped skirt with the roses was £2.99, the plains purple and the plain black skirt were £3 each, and the dark pink skirt with flowers was £3.99 (prices without the 10% student discount). Bargains, am I right?

During the weekend, I was also at the Bullring with my friend, Carys, and she offered to buy me stuff for my birthday and I got this lovely little thing for £5:

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x