Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Project Planning And Some Upcycled Boxes

Okay, so I might be able to scrape some time for my own projects outside of university! I have the fabric and the equipment (and the slightly better sewing skills) so I'm thinking of making more things as well as altering some clothes to just practise a bit more. By making stuff that fits me, I'm also helping my wardrobe grow. If I know what I want to wear then why not just make it? I hope I can start soon.

My room here is a mess. There is no space on my desk and it was all because I had no boxes to keep things together. I bought two pairs of shoes from Boohoo last week and they arrived ton. day and it gave me the great idea of doing some recycling. It was pretty easy to do. I just got a lot of yarn and spun it around and around the shoe boxes until it was completely covered.

It was a fun little thing to do and all I needed was a shoe box, yarn and double sided tape.

Cute, right?

I had so much yarn I didn't know what to do with. I'm also better at this whole DIY thing. Those magazine boxes that I made a few years ago looked so trashy compared to this. 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Thursday, 7 April 2016

I'm Alive, Laptop Broke, Busy Life

I miss blogging...

It's been a while.  Not that my presence on the internet matters, but I do miss having my little space to sided but a chat. My laptop is fixed now, though! After three months I am back online without having to go to the library. My phone kept me going.

So, I am just about finished with the last project at university. It's a good one and I do like what I've done. The project was a white project so we couldn't use a lot of colour (20% of the outcome at most) on what we were making.

The process took a while and I decided to use wire which I then had to spray paint white from green... It took 2 cans of spray paint and a tube of acrylic paint but I did it - just about.

Here are the photos that my model (my friend Emily) would let me share online. They were taken by my amazing boyfriend:

For a return to blogging, I know this isn't much. I have been doing something with my life, I haven't spend EVERY day in bed asleep. As a typical university student, I have to admit, I did do that often enough but it hasn't affected my work. 

The project we did last term was...well...I wasn't happy with my grade really. I was 3 marks off of a 2.1 which I know I could have achieved but I tried my best - I put so many hours into embroidery and fabric printing. It is what it is. It's in the past and I can make up for it at some point. I hope that this project pans out a bit better. 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x