Thursday, 7 April 2016

I'm Alive, Laptop Broke, Busy Life

I miss blogging...

It's been a while.  Not that my presence on the internet matters, but I do miss having my little space to sided but a chat. My laptop is fixed now, though! After three months I am back online without having to go to the library. My phone kept me going.

So, I am just about finished with the last project at university. It's a good one and I do like what I've done. The project was a white project so we couldn't use a lot of colour (20% of the outcome at most) on what we were making.

The process took a while and I decided to use wire which I then had to spray paint white from green... It took 2 cans of spray paint and a tube of acrylic paint but I did it - just about.

Here are the photos that my model (my friend Emily) would let me share online. They were taken by my amazing boyfriend:

For a return to blogging, I know this isn't much. I have been doing something with my life, I haven't spend EVERY day in bed asleep. As a typical university student, I have to admit, I did do that often enough but it hasn't affected my work. 

The project we did last term was...well...I wasn't happy with my grade really. I was 3 marks off of a 2.1 which I know I could have achieved but I tried my best - I put so many hours into embroidery and fabric printing. It is what it is. It's in the past and I can make up for it at some point. I hope that this project pans out a bit better. 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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